Women Peacemakers – A Global Selection

Optimism, Inspiration and Forward Thinking

As we have closed out 2013 and beckoned in the New Year, Optimism, Inspiration and Forward Thinking have been consistent conversational themes with friends, patients and family.

In clinic, many of these conversations arose from the hanging of a poster in my office entitled, Women Peacemakers – A Global Selection. It is an online educational tool established and still in process by Scripps College, Claremont, CA, the Just Health Action, Seattle, WA and the Institute of Neurotoxicology & Neurological Disorders, Seattle WA.

The poster and online interactive Women Peacemakers calendar is part of an inspirational collection of over 1,000 women peacemakers noted throughout history from eleven geographic areas. Collectively, this poster provides a bright light and powerful glimpse of women’s non-violent, vocal contributions towards the building of global peace from the past to the present, and guidance for our future.


Maria Chapman
July 2, 1806 to
July 12, 1885


Wangari Muta Maathai
April 4th, 1940 to
September 25, 2011


Bianca Jagger
May 2nd 1945

Our world has many needs. As individuals, families and communities moving into this New Year may we all be inspired to ‘speak our peace’.

For more information, to download a free copy, or to use the interactive (clickable) poster go to www.womeninpeace.org



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