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And your patience!  It has taken me a bit to settle in with the web techno details, but I’m loving it.  These are remarkably fast paced times and EVERYBODY is busy so – deep breath – really – let’s slow it down.  The goal of Wellness e-tips will be to provide quick, science-based information that connects the dots between human health, the health of our environments and our lifestyle/personal choices that can make a difference.

When it comes to our health and wellness, we need to know what is going on in the environments where we live, work, play, study, eat, and socialize because – what is going on impacts our ability to develop, grow and age well.

The reality is…

…We can only ever be as healthy as the health of our environments.

Wellness e-tip: A Resource

For a quick ‘scope of the issue’ read on aging and the health impacts of our environments go to www.healthandenvironment.org/initiatives/healthy_aging for a downloadable pocket guide written and produced by the Collaborative on Health and the Environment (CHE).  With lots of visuals and white space it is a proactive, comprehensive and concise resource originally written to help policy decision makers understand the influence of environmental factors on health.

Wellness e-tip:  Stay Wired!!!

In June, the New York Academy of Medicine was the site for the ‘Healthy Environments Across Generations’ conference.  As an attendee I came away creatively inspired yet quite concerned about the health hazards of our wireless networks.  The first break out session I attended related to Social Media use – which none of us will likely be giving up – and the second related to exposure and HEALTH IMPACTS from electromagnetic radiation.   Arrrghhhh.

Just the facts ma’am….

We’ve all been hearing about this, but the evidence is mounting – Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from wireless technology, things like cell phones, wireless computers, routers, baby monitors, radar, radio/television broadcasts etc. provides background radiation that has the ability to disrupt our body’s cellular communication and increase free radicals that damage cellular DNA.  The effects are CUMULATIVE…..AWARENESS and AVOIDANCE are key.

A few tips for what you can do:

  • Stay wired.  Use fiberoptic landline technology vs wired for home and for computers and phones.  Keep and use your landline phone.
  • If you are wireless turn off your router at night and when not in use.
  • As much as possible keep all wireless devices away from your body.
  • Do not use wireless devices – such as cell phones, wireless tablets, and book readers – near pregnant women, newborns, babies, and children.
  • Text vs making calls with cell phones and use speaker phones and keep the phone as far away from your head as possible when making calls
  • Keep the cell phone (and cordless phone) away from your head at night.  Keep it off of the bed and night stand.
  • Don’t carry your cell phone on your body and if you do, keep the keypad toward you and the back of the phone away from you to decrease your exposure to electromagnetic field transmissions.
  • Keep your diet high in antioxidants – eat lots of color – especially blue, purple, red and yellow fruits and vegetables.

For more EMR information including reviews of the science and a look at policies from other countries go to www.EMRpolicy.org

Also, look for the DVD, ‘Full Signal’.  Filmed in 10 countries, leading scientists who have been studying the effects of cellular technology on human beings share their thoughts.

To Your Health!   Salud!


P.S.  In December I will be working full time at Women to Wellness leaving the South Whidbey Community Clinic after 11 years!  Great new providers coming in there and I am loving my menopausal transitions.  Thanks for your support.

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