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Are You Ready for a DETOX Challenge?

New and updated information on healing our gut and our microbiome!

Are you interested in losing weight?  Having less body aches and pains?  Would you like more energy?  Would you like to think and sleep better?  Does this sound to good to be true?  It isn’t!  Detox & Discovery participants experience these benefits during this six week class which includes: a 21 day DETOX and ELIMINATION diet designed by the Institute of Functional Medicine, education on avoiding toxic exposures in our daily lives, and stress reduction.

 “With over 30 years in the health care field, this is the most important and pertinent work I have done in my professional career”.

Optimal Health Is The Goal – And There Is So Much We Can Do!

This class provides the needed tools for optimal wellness with impressive results including weight loss, increased energy, improved sleep, decreased anxiety and an overall sense of feeling healthier and lighter.

The Elimination Diet is designed to help discover ‘trigger’ foods that can cause digestive issues, fatigue, mood swings, body aches and pains, skin irritations and many other chronic symptoms of dis-ease. Basically, it is an anti-inflammatory food plan that helps reduce overall body inflammation, repairs intestinal permeability, helps identify food triggers, promotes body awareness of foods, and reduces toxicant burden. It supports the growth of a healthy microbiome and  is a gentle and comprehensive food plan. There is no caloric restriction.

We will focus on quality of foods to eat: fats and oils, nuts and seeds, protein, legumes, non-starchy and starchy vegetables while removing common allergen and immune suppressing foods which include corn, dairy, eggs, gluten, sugar, shellfish, soy, beef, pork, processed meat, coffee tea and chocolate.

This plan is foundational in its ability to help people identify adverse food reactions that are commonly overlooked as the cause of chronic health diseases.

Our primary focus will be on important dietary nutrients in the food plan but we will also discuss supplements and products that can support our bodies innate detoxification pathways. We will be discussing product safety and how to identify supplements with the best manufacturing practices.

Please note!  The first class and week is centered around getting acquainted with the food plan and identifying your strategies, barriers and desired outcomes.  You won’t actually start changing your diet until after the second class.

In addition, during this class series you will:

  • HAVE FUN! Learning about toxins in our environment AND bodies can be overwhelming. In this class we will learn what WE CAN do to stay healthy, and have fun while we are doing it!
  • DISCOVER STRATEGIES TO AVOID AND REDUCE DAILY TOXIN EXPOSURES.Avoidance of environmental toxins is the first step to detox.
  • PERFORM PRE AND POST DETOX DIET MEDICAL SYMPTOM QUESTIONNAIRES. This will help you identify food sensitivities and help define your best diet.
  • DISCOVER SPECIFIC ANTIOXIDANTS, VITAMINS AND MINERALS IN OUR FOOD THAT SUPPORT OUR DETOX PATHWAYS. We will have fun with recipes and tips on incorporating these foods into menu planning.

Join us!

May 24th through June 28th, 2017

Wednesday evenings from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Downstairs at the Sears House, 2812 E Meinhold Road, Langley.  Off of Hwy 525 in Bayview.


Read what recent participants have to say about Detox & Discovery:

“This class is absolutely a lifestyle marvel”.      – Jeannine Onsum

“This 6 week program provides a rich combination of support, information and structure.  My body pain is significantly reduced, my energy is back and I have a plan that supports me as I move forward.  Totally worth the time and investment!     – Melinda M.

“I am not a diet kind of person. I was amazed at how much I learned about eating cleaner.  I lost weight and I feel much better!”     – Rick Pain

“This class is a lifestyle change for the positive!  I learned about myself and the interrelationship with the world and our responsibility to future generations”.     – Anonymous

“I highly recommend this class – I have learned a whole new way to eat and I feel great!”     ~ Marilyn Strong

“Detox and Discovery offered a much greater reward than we anticipated. It’s a life-changer. We have traded chronic ailments like aching joints to mood swings for greater energy and very enjoyable eating. Toni Marthaller addresses the source, not the symptoms, and provides a very do-able framework to better health. I highly recommend making this investment in your own well-being. As well as great learning, you’ll be in great company.”      ~ Victoria Castle and Tim Morley

“Toni is a skilled pilot in command navigating the vast complexities of health foods and healthy eating with clarity and wisdom.”      ~ Judy Dixon

“ I highly recommend Toni’s detox class.  It was easier than I expected with all the recipes and group support.  My mind feels clearer, my emotions more balanced, I feel rejuvenated with less sleep, and my body and joints feel years younger.  Toni shared a wealth of cutting edge information on nutrition.  The whole experience was fascinating.  I’ve been recommending the class to both friends and clients.”        ~ M. Dickson, LMP

“Incredibly informative.  Life changing.”       ~ S. Hanson

“Activist poet Adrienne Rich once observed, ‘We begin to take responsibility for our lives when we don’t fall for shallow or easy solutions.’ Toni Marthaller-Andersen’s Detox & Discovery program is neither shallow nor easy. Just the opposite, in fact. Toni’s depth of knowledge, breadth of hands-on experience and superb organizational skills make it uncommonly effective. As I write this I’m healthier and weigh less than I have in 22 years! Detox & Discovery stands out and shines like a 5-Diamond restaurant.”       ~ Mark Brady, PhD, social neuroscientist and originator of the Weight, Weight Don’t Weigh Me program

“Detox & Discovery was a great awareness and education class supporting me with more nourishing food choices. I highly recommend this class to support health on all levels.”        ~ B.H.

“The food plan is easy to do and easy to stay on.  The results were surprising and in some cases – certainly enlightening.         ~ K. Rishel

“Toni makes the IFM Detox food plan, which may be challenging to some, comfortable, easy, supportive and  informative, and we all felt much better!   Thank you Toni!”      ~ Dorit

“I had no idea that for all these years the extra weight was water weight.  With the food plan and support of this class I lost 14 pounds in 3 weeks.”      ~ L. Schwarz

“I am able to see the longterm results of changing my food habits.  It has been a pleasure.  Thank you Toni for opening my eyes and teaching me a new way to look at food!”      ~ M. Windahl

“Toni’s class is well thought out, considerate of our weaknesses yet encourages us to stick with the program with good reasons why the program will help us figure out what we need to eliminate from our diet.”       ~ M. Fisher

“Toni’s classes are remarkable.  Information is very valuable, support is readily available, safe and comfortable environment.  Learning from other classmates added a personal dimension. A terrific way to focus on health and well-being at any age.  Great Stuff!”   ~ Leslie Improta

“This class was so enlightening and educational.  Having the ability to get in-depth answers from Toni was such a privilege. Her knowledge base and willingness to continue learning – then share with students – is very impressive and empowering. I highly recommend this class to anyone striving to improve not only personal health but the health of the planet.”     ~ Connie Lloyd

“Toni is an amazing teacher and facilitator! She has an amazing ability to translate dense scientific studies & recommendations into super useful and applicable information you can use every day. I learned more than I ever imagined I would—and my life and lifestyle are far healthier as a result! Detox & Discovery is a great way to make positive changes in your life, with support and guidance from an expert.      ~ JM, PhD

“It is hard to explain how much the discovery and detox benefitted me in such a short time. It was hard to imagine that I would lose weight and stop sneezing and still eat my fill. But it’s easy for me to share my success, by abiding your practical guidance, and my pleasure of the shared group experience.   Thank you.”     ~Daniel

“Toni Marthaller had put together a blend of well studied information – bringing sensibility and wisdom to the process of making good choices for your health. She guides you in finding the way to use food to bring healing to the gut, with the gentle reminder to take the breaks that give our nervous system time to restore from the stress our lives present, and examining what we use in our environment that can sabotage efforts to be well. Rather than feel deprived as we eliminate toxins and irritants from our diet, we are encouraged to never let ourselves get hungry. I loved that this program of Detoxification focused on building the awareness skills that let each individual discover what works for them. Toni creates a safe place to explore, and helps build the community in the class to also create supportive relationships for change.”    ~ Sari

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