Know what you are putting on your body

Did you know that the United States FOOD and DRUG Administration has no authority to test personal care products for safety?

So – just because it is on the shelf doesn’t mean it’s safe. And, since we use personal care products every day, choosing safe products is important. By the time a woman walks out her door in the morning she has, on average, applied more than 120 chemicals on her skin due to the compounds found in her personal care products.

Unbelievably there are over 500 personal care products sold in the US that are banned from sales in other countries (UK, Canada and Japan) because they contain chemicals known to cause cancers, including reproductive cancers, as well as developmental disabilities. These companies reformulate their products for sale abroad because those countries demand it.

Wellness e-tip: A Resource

For information about the safety profile of your personal care products follow this link ( to Skin Deep database and website.

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