I LOVE Arnica!

Arnica Montana is a rock star homeopathic remedy that should be in every home medicine cabinet. For children and adults alike its most popular use is for everything related to tissue trauma. (It does have other uses.)

Many people have begun to utilize homeopathy – a well known and used healing modality in Europe for decades – for self-care home treatments.

Consider Arnica for those bumps and bruises that seem all too prevalent in springtime from overzealous outdoor fun, weekend yard and garden projects as well as more serious tissue trauma related to blunt force impacts from falls and accidents. It can also be supportive post-operatively for surgical and dental interventions and after mammograms and or breast biopsies to support rapid tissue healing.

Use the small pills under the tongue and the creams, gels or ointments topically to affected areas. You can use the oral and topicals together or alone. The dosing suggestions are clearly marked on the packaging. When taking Arnica orally it is recommended to take it 20-30 minutes away from spicy or strong flavored foods or coffee. Arnica does not have dangerous side effects and generally can safely be taken while using pharmaceutical medications.

This environmentally friendly, low cost and safe home care remedy can easily be found at your favorite co-op, health food store, integrative pharmacy or integrative healthcare providers office.

Here’s to an active, safe and savory Spring and Summer!



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