Exercise & Movement

Exercise & Movement
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On our journey to optimal wellness exercise and movement is the most beneficial medicine.  Exercise is important for our body, but movement is necessary for our soul.  Do you have a personal fitness plan?  How do you move your body on a daily basis?  Creating a fitness plan that you enjoy and do consistently is key.  Optimally it will include aerobic fitness, muscle strengthening, stretching and joyful movement.

Walking, for most people, can be the easiest place to begin a new exercise and movement program.   Positive health benefits occur quickly once we begin.  The Walking Site at www.walkingsite.com is a complete source of information about walking for fitness.

To assist with aerobic fitness 10 Heart Healthy Exercise Tips can be found at www.heart.com along with a Heart Rate Chart to help you determine your individual maximum heart rate.

Looking for Soulful Movement support?  Find a local Zumba class in your community at www.zumba.com.

For deeper inner work and moving meditation follow the work of Gabrielle Roth and 5Rhythms Dance.  There are multiple sites and You Tube Videos which describe and discuss her work.  A good place to start is gabriellroth.com.

Yoga is enjoying a renaissance in the US for very good reasons.  It can optimize our body, mind, spirit health in countless ways.  Look for local classes, or for a home practice find  DVD’s at your local library or online.  One of my favorites – try www.raviana.com to find a yoga DVD specific to your health needs.



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