Living on Planet Earth 21st Century

You Need Quality Supplements. 


I would like to say that eating our best, organic, non GMO diet would be enough, but it is not.  We need quality supplements for basic health support and at times for illness to wellness treatment.

Supplement quality is a huge concern.  That is why I offer use of Fullscript for your access to professional-grade supplements.  Never out of date, no knock offs and my favorite products are third party tested so you know what is on the label is indeed in the product.

Current favorite manufacturers include:  PureEncapsulations, Designs For Health, Biotics Research, Bio-Botanical Research, Ortho-Molecular Products, PerQue, and out of Canada (where they have to prove products treat what they advertise) Nutritional Fundamentals for Health.  There are so many more.

Simple to do.  Click below to create your account and order quality vitamins, herbs and personal care products.  Once in Fullscript, look for my ‘favorite’ categories for support choosing your best supplements.  For more support make a 30 minute appointment to discuss your supplement needs.

Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.

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