Using Energy As Medicine We Can Identify Our Best Healing Opportunities.


What Is BioEnergetics?

From the view of science, bioenergetics is the study of energy movement in our body. 

How Did I Get Interested In Body Energy?

In the mid 1980’s after finishing my RN degree I became trained and licensed as a Washington state massage therapist.  While working with people in the hospital setting and in my massage practice I became increasingly aware of energy movement.  For the following 15 years I experienced and studied a variety of energy healing therapies.  Needing the scientific  explanation for my experiences, in graduate school I researched and wrote my thesis, “The Human Bioenergetic Field: Myth or Medicine”.  Indeed, newer scientific technologies had clearly validated the existence of the human body-field.   Fun, fascinating and exciting.  The stage was set when in 2017 I serendipitously came across the work of the late Australian scientist, researcher, clinician and healer, Peter H. Fraser who after 30 years of passionate, self-funded study created the BioEnergetic scanning device I currently use in my practice.

How Do I Use BioEnergetics In My Practice?

There are four steps to my work. 

First step. I use the BioEnergetic scanning tool to assess the quality and movement of your body’s energy frequencies.  The scan looks for energy distortions and blockages.  Multiple screens of physiologically accurate graphics of your body’s energy patterns are shown with identification of the specific locations and frequencies needed for energy treatment.  This is how we identify your best healing opportunities.  It’s like seeing what your body is asking for right now!

Second step. Using an FDA approved hand-held biofeedback Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) device, I provide off-body (and sometimes on-body treatments), specific to your energy patterns for 12-20 minutes.  The PEMF device releases the energy blockages and clears the pathways for your energy information to flow properly.

Third step.  Using ‘Infoceuticals’ which are liquid micro-mineral remedies imprinted with frequencies, a specific number of drops are used daily for 3-4 weeks to re-imprint the body to its original and optimal energetic blueprint.

Fourth step. This work is all about energy self-care specific to you.  Using the BioEnergetic scan information, we continually look at lifestyle and self-care that supports your energetic body.

The Health Benefits Are Many

Generally, people simply begin to feel better.  This includes having more energy and increased mental clarity, sleeping better and a potential to experience less body pain.  Most everyone reports they deal with stress more effectively and have improvements in digestion.

Almost universally people report experiencing positive transformation and changes in their emotional and spiritual wellbeing. (From my perspective this is place to start.)

This is process work and best results are seen with 4-6 sessions occurring every 3-4 weeks.  Appointments last for 60 minutes and include the energy scan and frequency treatments.

Optimally at the end of the 4-6 weeks you will have experienced supportive and lasting emotional and physical changes and have new skills for energetic self-care.



Packages (BioEnergetic scan with frequencies) are encouraged:

Single (60 minute) sessions are 150.00

2-5 sessions packages each session is 125.00


PEMF frequency treatment only sessions are 75.00 for 30 minutes.  (Some people enjoy these so much they return in between scans to get additional PEMF frequencies.)


To set up an appointment you can do so on our scheduling page.  You will need two 30 minute time slots to create the 60 minute appointment.  When making your appointment please state you are wanting a bioenergetic appointment as we will email you a very brief intake questionnaire.



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